IK1QEW info IK1QEW is an amateur radio station with QTH in Perosa Argentina, Metropolitan City of Turin, Piedmont, Italy QSL: I receive / send QSL via bureau, eQSL and LoTW Node Echolink 273234 Perosa Argentina is about 50 km southwest from Turin WW Locator: JN34OW - Latitudine 44.957529 - Longitudine 7.1883899 my activity in HF takes place mainly digitally in QRP, maximum 5 watts, long wire antenna 9 meters long My interests are music, books, photography and mountain walks. I am a member of the Italian Alpine Club , Val Germanasca section . I am also a member of the A.R.I.  Italian Amateur Radio Association . A.R.I. joins the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) which is the world federation of national amateur radio organizations. Membership in the IARU is made up of more than 160 member societies in as many separate countries and territories. My name is included in the lists of the National Civil Protection Service , for the "Radio communications in emergency" funct

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Mi interesso anche di fotografia, non quella studiata a tavolino, ma quella che coglie l’attimo e l’autenticità di un momento non ripetibile. Quasi tutte le foto sono scattate camminando in montagna. Instagram Facebook Rilevo i percorsi con GPS, le tracce sono grezze, come uscite dal dispositivo. Viewranger Komoot Garmin Connect Inspector Morse is a British detective drama television series based on a series of novels by Colin Dexter. It starred John Thaw as Chief Inspector Morse and Kevin Whately as Sergeant Lewis.  The theme and incidental music for the series was written by Barrington Pheloung and uses a motif based on the Morse code for "M.O.R.S.E.", starting with the opening notes and recurring all the way through.  Andrea Casta This time we did something really special to celebrate my love for the mountains and music 🎻🏔 We climbed all the way to 3100 meters, on the Presena glacier, for this violin cover of Heaven. Must say that this was an incredible moment to feel a